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Artisan crystal-infused aromatherapy candles, each thoughtfully designed and hand-poured with love, to make it beyond an ordinary candle experience

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Pure Natural Soy Wax


Hand-selected natural crystals


No harmful additives or dyes


100% organic essential oils


Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging

About Us

Our mission is to create a warm and rejuvenating candle experience that will transport you back to your favorite memories and awaken your senses and wellbeing. Through our unique combination of delicate scents and energised healing crystals, hand-crafted with only the finest quality ingredients, our candles inspire, enhance and stimulate creativity and help you to reach a revitalized state of being. 


Light the candle and let the crystals sink into the wax and emanate a sense of tranquility

Giving Back

We strongly believe that giving back to our community, in whatever way possible, gives us a unique sense of purpose, broadens our perspective and helps us understand how we fit into the world around us. A portion of our monthly proceeds goes towards local British Columbia charities that focus on helping children with special needs.


In addition to our efforts to be environmentally conscious with our ingredients, candle making and packaging, we also contribute towards urban wildlife preservation and rehabilitation in British Columbia through organizations like Wildlife Rescue Association of BC. Every month, we participate in their adoption program to provide for the treatment, care and rehabilitation of one wild animal that is rescued. 

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