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With fresh delicate notes of peonies, tulips and roses intertwined with earthy vetiver and warm woody amber, this candle perfectly captures the beauty of relaxing on your front porch, delving into the evening light and soaking in all the vibrant colours of the sky. Breathe in and rejuvenate with an instant feeling of peace and tranquillity as you ease into the night. A grounding moment of calm created to help nourish your mind, body and soul!  


Delicate yet satisfyingly bold and captivating!




Rose Quartz – Stone of unconditional love


Rose Quartz will restore peace and harmony in your relationships, encouraging self-love and raising self-worth. Its soft and gentle energy connects directly to the heart chakra and opens your heart to all forms of love.


Obsidian – Stone of purification and transformation


Obsidian is considered a strongly protective stone that shields against negativity. It is said to block psychic attacks and absorb surrounding negative energies. It encourages exploration of the unknown and unlocking new horizons. Perfect companion during a healing process, especially one that takes time.


*Please Note - Due to our new and improved design for Sunset by the Porch, the candles in the image may differ slightly from the actual candles in appearance.

Sunset by the Porch

  • Weight:  7oz 
    Burn Time: ~50 hours
    Dimensions:  3.66”H x 3.15”W

    Candle Features: 

    • Hand poured with 100% natural and biodegradable soy wax
    • 100% organic essential oils & phthalate-free fragrance oils
    • Hand-selected natural crystals
    • Lead-free cotton wicks
    • No additives or harmful dyes
    • Premium quality reusable glass jars
    • Recyclable paper packaging

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