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Giving back to community


We strongly believe that giving back to our community, in whatever way possible, gives us a unique sense of purpose, broadens our perspective and helps us understand how we fit into the world around us.


The past year has been one that none of us will forget anytime soon. Many stepped up to help the vulnerable and needy in incredible and selfless ways. It showed us the beauty of what can be done if we come together as a community and taught us that lending a helping hand and spreading kindness is the key to getting through times of uncertainty.

Variety BC - The Children’s Charity

A portion of our monthly proceeds go towards local British Columbia charities that focus on helping children with special needs.


Variety BC has a vision that every child with special needs can reach their unique potential and thrive. Variety steps in where health care ends, to support children with special needs. Funding from Variety helps to cover costs for medical care and services, mobility and communication equipment, therapies and developmental programs not covered by private or public health plans. In addition to providing funding directly to children and their families, Variety also works with local grassroots organizations that deliver care and services to children with special needs. This form of teamwork exponentially increases the impact Variety has throughout British Columbia, and builds capacity for support within the community.

Wildlife Rescue Association of BC

In addition to our efforts to be environmentally conscious with our ingredients, candle making and packaging, we also contribute towards urban wildlife preservation and rehabilitation in British Columbia through organizations like Wildlife Rescue Association of BC. Every month, we participate in their adoption program to provide for the treatment, care and rehabilitation of one wild animal that is rescued. Check out our adoption certificate! 


Wildlife Rescue Association of BC (WRA) is a registered charity that provides rescue, medical and rehabilitation services to injured, orphaned and pollution-impacted wildlife from throughout BC. They promote peaceful co-existence of human and urban wildlife and assist in preventing wildlife conflicts.

Beautiful Nature
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