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There’s something about the rain that just takes you to nirvana - sitting next to the window listening to the rain drops falling, reading your favorite book and sipping on a warm cup of tea. Relax and be at a state of peace with yourself. 


Experience the sweet scent of freshly fallen rain! A clean, refreshing earthy fragrance with citrusy bergamot, fresh jasmine, lilies and geranium. Infused with the dazzling Green Flourite and Clear Quartz chips to bring light, love and healing into your space.




Green Flourite – Stone of joy and harmony


Green Fluorite is all about establishing balance, joy, and harmony. This dazzling stone strengthens your intuition and promotes clear thinking, allowing you to see what’s most important in a given situation. It seems to connect with the human body and energy fields in a truly beautiful way, gifting the wearer a sense of spirited joy and calm.


Clear Quartz – Stone of clarity and amplification


Clear Quartz, known as the Master Healer, has the power of clarification and amplifying positive energies and intentions. Known for its high vibrations, it can help you align with your highest self and live at your fullest potential by clearing your mind, body, and spirit of any clutter.


*Note - As raw crystals can be a bit larger in size,  please remove them from the candle during its first light as they might cause an uneven burn. You can remove them carefully with a metal spoon when the wax is soft, after you have extinguished the flame

Drops of Rain

  • Weight:  7oz 
    Burn Time:  ~50 hours
    Dimensions:  3.15”H x 3.66”W

    Candle Features: 

    • Hand poured with 100% natural and biodegradable soy wax
    • 100% organic essential oils & phthalate-free fragrance oils
    • Hand-selected natural crystals
    • Lead-free cotton wicks
    • No additives or harmful dyes
    • Premium quality reusable glass jars
    • Recyclable paper packaging

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